Mabon: Hot and Dry

by wormwoodcrow

Bread in the oven,
Clouds in heaven,
Red in the leaves,
Gold in the sheaves.
V’s in the sky,
Berries in the pie,
God in the earth,
Goddess at the hearth.

This might be an accurate description of my Mabon if I lived in, say, Salem, MA. The Witch’s Wheel of the Year derives its visual appeal from a classic New England (or rather Merry Old England) series of seasonal cues. I do not live in New England. I live in Southern California. It’s a dry, hot environment which sports two main seasons a year: hot and dry, and less hot and dry.

My house is an oven,
Scorching sun in heaven.
Red is high in the thermostat,
Cold drinks needed, fizzy or flat.
I wear shorts and a t-shirt,
Berries top my frozen yogurt.
God watching the match in air-conditioning,
Goddess on the lounge outside tanning.